Master Class by David Mulley


On the 15th of November 2013 Damien Mulley gave a master class to the GCC Students about digital media for business and shared his experience and anecdotes with vivid energy.

As a part of the Introduction to Digital Media course in the Griffith College Cork conducted by Gemma O’sullivan, Damien Mulley was a guest in one of the lectures and talked about Facebook as a marketing tool and his experience in digital marketing in Ireland.

“If you are a business, you are a marketer consumer you have to be in Facebook , you don’t have a choice, that’s where the market place is.”Damien Mulley.

Mulley spoke about the fast pace of social media changing and gave an example about how Facebook tried to buy Snapchat who is an increasing social media platforms used by teenagers has much more users in only 2 years and Facebook is trying to get their market to bring them to Facebook.

The biggest social network in Ireland is Facebook with nearly 2.5 million  and a business should target to be present in that media, he mention as well that Facebook monitors the activity of users to measure the relationship with business and brands. Damien mention an example of if a person that liked earlier, news will appear in certain frequency on their News, and if people don’t click on the news of  or links  by  they will eventually disappear from the user News. Facebook use what they call EdgeRank to do this task and measure the relationship with the business.

Mulley explained as well how the updating cycles works and people reacts to engaging content such photographs and links, it is important the update have to be seen it takes 30 days to complete the cycle and it the best times to generate updates are the evening around 9pm.

Surprisingly the Facebook ads, the small ones on the right hand side have very small rating of engagement; the best way is to generate original and good contents is the engagement key. Metrics and analysing the content is important this will help to realize what content work and will give a good view of customer’s demographics.

To summarize Mulley recommend to have a business personality. Think about noise what makes stand out from the crowd. Digital Marketing is similar as traditional marketing,  it’s all about creativity, what works with the market. Being edgy or interesting works for him and his company and gives him uniqueness in his work.

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